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Tyneside is one big playground and PlayToon 2012 is out to represent skaters, BMXers and free-runners over the weekend of 18th-19th May 2012.
Urban Games, Digital Deekies, 4-Sight, Northumbria Uni and Streetphire have hooked up with the Holy Biscuit Gallery in Shieldfield to organise the venue, exhibtion and action. We will be showing photography, video, cartoons and maps from local street sports scenes with ramps and space for live action. Maybe you are only starting out or have a stash of photos from back in the day: PlayToon is there to show off your world, roots and culture.
This blog will keep you posted on what we are up to, how to get involved and explore the place of street sports in the city.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Wasteland wasted

The Wasteland has been dug up. The plaza in great ripples and slabs. It was being BMXed in the twilight on Thursday, with a couple of little kids wanting to knbow how long it would last. Well it lasted 20 years. A forlorn skater was walking back to Toon today, distracted, texting, lost. There are some new graffiti on the boards around the adjacent sites along Portland Rd (opposite Shieldfield Hse). Metnor agree to let the writers loose.

Did any one see the plaza getting ripped up... photos even?

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